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Small Business

As a business owner, an entrepreneur, and a progressive capitalist. I have 24 years of experience managing the finances for small businesses and I am intimately familiar with best bookkeeping practices and accounting needs. I believe that businesses thrive when employees are happy, healthy and productive. I promise to find the balance and work with other legislators to help businesses grow while also taking care of their people.



Anne Arundel County is being developed without the residents' input or approval. Often people don't know about new development until bulldozers show up next door. I will help the residents of our district get their voices heard before development begins, and she will strengthen the role of community and environmental impact assessments.



Healthy families start with healthy children and continues with care throughout all stages of life. Marylanders need paid family and medical leave to take care of their newborns and sick family members. Women need support and access to reproductive healthcare as well as protection from those who threaten reproductive rights. Proper prenatal care and postpartum support can make a world of difference in both the development of the child and the health of the mother. Without proper bonding, our youth are more prone to addiction. The opposite of addiction is not sobriety; it is connection. We must foster connection and community support to keep our people healthy.



Once children are in school, they need an environment conducive to learning, which includes reasonable class sizes, modernized and clean facilities, arts programs, and a school atmosphere free from bullying and fear of violence.

Eve will ensure that our teachers get paid salaries that are competitive with surrounding counties. Eve supports the passage of Question 1, which, when passed, will give promised casino revenue to schools. 


Senior Citizens

Our population is not growing fast enough to take care of our elderly family and friends. In our district especially, our senior citizens increasingly need our assistance and support, and we need to be there for them. Eve has several ideas to take care of our seniors, with programs that provide transportation, veterans assistance, and companionship. We need to develop engaging Active Living assets to keep residents in Anne Arundel county after retirement.


Referendum Politics

Eve is passionate about making sure that every person is heard and represented. To that end, she is furthering legislation that places issues on the ballot for the people to vote upon, like the referendum that will be on the ballot in November 2018. This referendum proposes a constitutional amendment that would prevent the state from using casino revenue for projects other than education.



The entire conversation about cannabis needs to completely change in our state. As an active member of the American Legion, I stand with this veterans organization in calling for de-scheduling of cannabis for further research. We need to educate the public about why Maryland approved the state medical cannibis program in the first place, and the enormous positive impact it has had on veterans suffering from PTSD, individuals with chronic pain, and many other psychological and physiological ailments and impairments.

I support the legalization and continued decriminalization of cannabis in Maryland. I would like to see marginalized communities that have been most impacted by the war on cannabis to benefit from legalization. I will support programs that teach proprietary skills for legal cannabis operations by community residents.


Gun Control

As a Navy Sharpshooter, one of the things I care most about is firearm safety. This is also what the NRA used to be about. The NRA worked for 200 years to enforce safety standards for gun usage, actively participated in federal legislation to outlaw guns used in the most famous murders in our country. I will work to hold the NRA accountable and will continually demand that they step up to protect public safety.

We need to treat guns like any other potentially deadly object. Cars are an example of this. We require insurance and registration to drive a car. The revenue can then be utilized for training and public safety campaigns.

Certain types of guns should also carry special requirements for purchase. In the Navy, sailors could only use firearms after they passed proficiency tests. A person buying an assault weapon should have a specific reason for needing such a weapon for personal use, as well as demonstrated proficiency with the deployment and storage of such a weapon.



I believe that we all need and want the same things: to feel safe with our families in our communities, and for our tax dollars to go towards the betterment of our communities. In Maryland, about 300 million dollars are contributed annually from the taxes of undocumented immigrants. I believe that the people who are monetarily contributing to our economy and our communities should have a clear path to citizenship. As Americans, we need to remember who we are - our values and our own roots of migration - and look out for others who are suffering. We understand that we are always stronger together.

While much of this stems directly from federal legislation, I believe that states can make a firm statement and put strong pressure onto the national stage to end the persecution of undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers in our country. We can certainly end the complicit and predatory behavior of having state and county endorsed programs that make money off of their indefinite detainment and family separation.

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