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Eve is in the Navy Reserve. Use of her military photograph in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or Department of Defense.

Small Business

Eve Hurwitz is a business owner, an entrepreneur, and a progressive capitalist. She has 24 years of experience managing the finances for small businesses and is intimately familiar with best bookkeeping practices and accounting needs. She believes that businesses thrive when employees are happy, healthy and productive. Eve will find the balance and work with other legislators to help businesses grow while also taking care of their people.


Anne Arundel County is being developed without the residents' input or approval. Often people don't know about new development until bulldozers show up next door. Eve will help the residents of our district get their voices heard before development begins, and she will strengthen the role of community and environmental impact assessments.


Healthy families start with healthy children and continue with care through all stages of life. Families need paid family and medical leave to take care of their newborns and sick family members. Women need support and access to reproductive healthcare as well as protection from those who threaten reproductive rights. Proper prenatal care and postpartum support can make a world of difference in both the development of the child and the health of the mother. Without proper bonding, our youth are more prone to addiction. The opposite of addiction is not sobriety; it is connection. We must foster connection and community support to keep our people healthy.


Once children are in school, they need an environment conducive to learning, which includes reasonable class sizes, modernized and clean facilities, arts programs, and a school atmosphere free from bullying. Eve will track down gaps in the budgeting process, like the Education Trust Fund, which is being used in the general budget instead of in our schools.

Senior Citizens

Our population is not growing fast enough to take care of our elderly family and friends. In our district especially, our senior citizens increasingly need our assistance and support, and we need to be there for them. Eve has several ideas to take care of our seniors, with programs that provide transportation, veterans assistance, companionship, and musical performances. 

Referendum Politics

Eve is passionate about making sure that every person is heard and represented. To that end, she is furthering legislation that places issues on the ballot for the people to vote upon, like the referendum that will be on the ballot in November 2018. This referendum proposes a constitutional amendment that would prevent the state from using casino revenue for projects other than education.

The Issues

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