Helping Families 

As a state senator, Eve will work to provide 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave for working Marylanders as well as affordable childcare.

Improving Education

As a former Navy instructor and a teacher-endorsed candidate, Eve is determined to increase educators' pay and get casino revenues to schools as promised.

Community Builder

As a business owner, entrepreneur, and a progressive capitalist, Eve will work with other legislators to help businesses grow while also taking care of their workers.

A Progressive Veteran for Families

Eve Hurwitz is running for Maryland Senate in District 33 because she truly cares about all people, regardless of their background or beliefs. Eve is on a mission to help families, veterans, teachers, students and small business owners in Maryland so they can feel secure in their ability to protect and provide for their families and their future.

Join the Fight for Our Future

If you've been wondering what you can do to:

  • Support families, women and children
  • Help our kids feel safe in school
  • Have affordable healthcare
  • Protect the environment and our Bay
  • Support veterans and seniors
  • Speak for those not represented in our government
  • Promote equal rights for all races and genders

Campaign News

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